5 comments on “LEGO UNIVERSE: The Calandro Family

  1. I don’t want to think too hard about their reaction to the game’s closure… >_< That must have been a bad day for them.

    Off-topic: Hey Zipblock, would it be possible for you to upload that early Gnarled Forest video you mentioned a while back? I'm currently working on re-writing the Gnarled Forest page on the LU wiki, and that video would be an incredible source of information for the development section. 😀 Sorry if it feels like I'm being pushy, I'm not trying to, but if you could get that video online, that would be awesome. Thanks!

  2. Sure thing jamesster 🙂 It’s on a storage drive in a swamp of folders with non-descriptive numerical file names, that’s the reason for the delay. Consider it popped up the the list for the next time I wade through the soup ok!

    • Ok, thanks a ton! 😀

      Even more off topic: Would you happen to know anything about this world, Brick Mesa?

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