8 comments on “C’mon Cuusoo

  1. Is CUUSOO even aimed at eventually occupying retail shelf space? If not is there really that much peril for the brand? AFAICT the space it looks to occupy is special interest “builds” which is really mostly occupied by a small number of builders doing works on commission (eg. legohaulic), or fans publishing instructions with parts lists (eg. mikepsiaki’s bestest ever minifig scale X-wing), but there’s no way that former set of current builders could provide for the market size of the few percent of Minecraft fans that will buy sets, and no way many fans will go through the trouble to purchase the listed parts for the latter.

    There has to be a place for offering complete special interest sets at a premium price. For instance the recent EVE spaceship builds on CUUSOO, I can see a tie-in where LEGO instead offers micro builds via CCP (EVE Online’s publisher), and CCP uses a physically shipped micro-fleet as a reward for re-upping subscriptions or such. LEGO could even use such schemes to keep some of their seasonal production lines going outside of the run-up to Xmas.

    There are a whole bunch of tangents here too, not the least of which for TLG is keeping the preferred build medium for these sort of fan efforts covered with LEGO trademarked studs.

  2. Cuusoo could either bloom, or completely fail if licensed products weren’t allowed. While thats kind of a delicate balance, I feel like the reason the 3-4 projects that have passed 10,000 is not because LEGO lovers want them. It’s all because a separate fan base thinks it would be cool. The majority probably wont buy the set, whereas a set that is true to LEGO would have more LEGO lovers purchase the set.

  3. Yes, just this. These fan blockades who push the project over the hump are not likely to purchase the set. I think the mindset of most of these voters is excited to get Lego to make something they are into and then a small percentage of them will actually purchase it. I don’t think this is the same with Minecraft, because there is so much cross over between the fan bases it’s almost indistinguishable.

    I wonder what Shaun of the Dead fans who registered and voted to make it happen put in the value field of the form. What do they honestly think that set is worth and how much they would be willing to pay? Look at this proposed set:

    Obviously the finished set wouldn’t have this amount of figs but I think we are still looking at the $50-$75 range. Both Shaun and Eve fans would balk at that thought, though Lego fans who were also fans would see it as reasonable. So these media pushed voting blocks are doing more harm than anything by giving Lego a false sense of success.

    I think if these are going to be on any shelves, they are going to be on Lego Store shelves. I was talking to some friends at a local toy store who couldn’t figure it out:
    ‘Was it the license?’ ‘Was it legalities?’
    ‘No, this was Lego being worried about backlash from fans but still going through the motions’
    *Puzzled looks*

  4. I believe once again LEGO has been caught unaware of just how fast fans can move. The game My LEGO Network was my first screaming example of this, as CRX Rakshi800, Timposter and I all reached rank 9 as Gauntlets before Lily was done and the pet robot was available to generate black bricks.. TLG never anticipated that we would form clicking groups to advance faster, or that we would trade in forums other than the LMBs. Similarly, there were a few times in LU where it seemed the game wasn’t quite ready for how fast we were racking up achievements. It is entirely possible that this is happening once again with Cuusoo. They had NO clue how fast things would move. Or how many fans a project like this could garner. Or how to respond when those fans thought it should retail out at $35. They will likely just move on once again, hoping for the next great thing.

  5. That and:

    Which I found amusing since I was ranting about how they needed to change their project approval process at the beginning just this morning before I saw your link.

    In the latest, predictable Cuusoo move, they have shot down the good ship Serenity:

    Calling it here, BTF won’t go through, even though it’s a good IP match. They won’t be able to secure the licence will be the reason. BTF and Ghostbusters are a wonderful pairing and would be great if that happened, but it won’t on a Cuusoo level.

    • Yeah, I’m crossing my fingers for BTF, I would like to see it get made.

      On a side note: how does one pronounce CUUSOO anyhow? 😛

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