8 comments on “Faction Leader Promotional Prints

  1. There are more of Vanda and Doc, you can see them in the LEGO Universe closing video at universe.lego.com

  2. So I’ve resently started buying bulk legos from Ebay. For resell and to help with my 8 year old nephews huge collection. In one of the lots I received the 6 piece tile with picture. As I was researching it, I found this web page. Not sure their value but the top picture of the guy with the silver and blue sword is the one I have without the card on the right. Just wondering if this is something I should hang on to or try to sell now. I can’t find anyone that has sold one.

    • Michael, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. This is a hard thing to answer. Yes they are rare and there isn’t going to be anymore made. There is also a pretty finite audience who would want to buy one. Anything Lego appreciates to some degree over time, and the rarer it is the better. The kettle is hot right now for people looking for LU stuff, it’s still very fresh in their minds. Time might help it’s resale a lot….? Does this help? hah, at least it gives you some scope?

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