17 comments on “Like a tonne of… well, bricks.

  1. Strange, the same thing has been happening to me and a couple of friends for the past couple of days… Was there something epic that happened arround this day that we all subconsciously remember?

  2. Yeah, I felt the same way a week or too ago, i’m still not out of a building slump…I just haven’t been able to build anything since LU :/

  3. Well that’s no good. 😦
    I personally don’t miss LEGO Universe. It was probably one of the best looking games I’ve played, but the game-play really didn’t live up to my expectations at all… I do however miss all the amazing friends I made and had to let go of. ;_;

  4. Weird, because lately I have gone to the computer in a trance-like way to log into LU, when all I get is a message telling me, in short, that LU is closed…

    Sometimes I don’t notice I’m missing it, and at other times, I REALLY miss it…!

  5. Same, it seems like my longing to return to the lego universe grows each day. I wish their was some way i could return to that wonderful world…

  6. You never really experience loss until you expect something to be there and then it’s not, it’s missing. I really miss it too, pretty big thing to misplace and can’t imagine where I put it. Spent the whole weekend cleaning the house and still couldn’t find it.

    I think we need to have a Munchkins and beverages session, what say?

    @Jedi: hiyas 🙂 good to see you here!

  7. Building with LEGO just hasn’t been the same since LU D: Just the other day, I was reminiscing on how excited I was when I first heard about the game. It was just concept art at that stage.

    I really miss LU.

  8. @Pappy Hugs 🙂

    @Pig Welcome aboard 🙂

    @Zip Is it like a small party for LU refugees !? Wow, the backcsreen of your blog is so cool !!

    • I agree with Fixy, the new background is sweet! its like looking into an inventor kaleidoscope 😛

  9. Thanks! That’s exactly what it is ( Inventor kaleidoscope that is ) I feel that the Maelstrom is no longer infecting this blog and there is enough recruits with amazing Imagination that we can start celebrating the game as well as missing it.

    Think, we are 3 months after closing and all of you guys are showing that this game is still important to you. I know that I’m nowhere near done. I have been doing a lot of sorting/cleaning the Lego space and itching to start building!!

    I agree with Mav though, building virtually is just not the same at all. You know, I could live without behaviours if need be, but just make a building system that is from a minifig pov that you can share with friends!

  10. Wow. I had the same feeling just a little while ago. I think this was around the time I got my beta invite. I was so excited. Playing it the next day made it even better. Memories…

  11. Sorry for late reply.

    I also miss LU and my eldest son keeps reminding me how he really wants to be able to play again. Part of that urge stems from how much fun we really had in that last month or so because we knew it was closing. All the extras (flying + horses + hammer etc) made it really really special, something that is never meant to be forgotten. Finishing LU with them by chasing each other around on horses on the beach (OOB) behind Avant Garden Survival was a great finish (I stayed on later to say goodbye to everyone else nearer the end.) We all deeply miss all the great friends we made there, most of which we will never come across again.

    Since it has finished I’ve found out more and more about the things in LU that I missed taking part in. I don’t even want to mention those to my boys. We have started building with real Lego again but not with the enthusiasm that we had back then. I guess we still feel let down by Lego for offering us something truely great and then taking it away from us 😦

    I have yet to find a MMORG that even comes close to LU for safe and fun family entertainment.

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