19 comments on “Faction Leader Sculptures

  1. Yes, these were at the WB booth at E3 2010. The tip of Vanda’s sword kept breaking off and getting lost. I must have repaired it a hundred times before we decided to just leave it off and put it in a safe place. I have no idea what became of them, but my best guesses are that they either went to PlayWell studios in Colorado (formerly NetDevil), or that they were transferred to one of the LEGO Stores in the LA area. Either way, they could be just about anywhere now…

    • I had a hunch you might have πŸ˜‰ You wouldn’t have better pics of them? Sometimes these things show up in private collections and are sold on bricklink. Shipping would be boggling for one of these πŸ™‚

  2. If I recall correctly, I was told that they ended up in LEGOLand in San Diego. Either that, or they went to Billund. They were not in the PlayWell Studios, though new versions were in process when the studio was shut down.

  3. I think we need a LU Museum somewhere…
    Those are amazing, there are so many amazing things floating about. We need an LU Museum complete with a properties exhibit…

    • that would be cool πŸ˜› maybe even build some props out of real bricks…to bad that wouldn’t be possible with many, considering we didn’t need to worry about structural integrity in-game and non existant colors πŸ˜›

    • I have a bunch of the rockets and some of the cars. I even have a launch pad in a box somewhere. I’ll get some pictures together and put them up on Flickr.

      • Well those are perfectly awesome, and makes sense now I sussed who you are πŸ˜‰ We met during the public hours at last year’s BrickCon.

        So what can you tell us, where did everything go? Any neat unreleased stuff we don’t know about?

        I’ve spoke to Fig and Prime since game closing, and wanted to thank you and the rest of the Community team for making the last few months so awesome. From all that I heard, there wasn’t anyone at PlayWell that wanted this to happen yet you guys got the lion’s share of the flak for a decision over your head. You can tell that this game is still really important to lots of people months after it closed and that is a lot to do with you guys πŸ™‚

    • @Rowdy hah, that would be nice huh? I have wondered where all the concept art, physical models and servers /databases actually exist now? Maybe in Billund they will make something like that one day.

      @nodnarb LU has messed up my building. It was a bit flimsy to begin with when I build big and now I actually look at mocs and think
      ‘whoa, lots of trans, that’s a high poly count’

      @Draddog Definitely interested in seeing those! That exactly is one of my next building goals is to make more LU stuff! I’d love to see what you came up with πŸ™‚

      • (Donning the Cliff Claven hat) the production servers I’m pretty sure were leased out of Terremark’s pool of servers at their hosting facilities, they had expected rapid growth and would have used a hosting provider that could turn up more servers quickly if capacity was needed. Backups of the production DB would be offsite somewhere, the UK or Denmark, maybe with some tapes in IronMountain’s care.

        I wonder if they’ve kept a running development server anywhere internal, it would seem to be a marvelous tool to hand their concept designers to keep them engaged in the action potential of
        the toy (eg, driving around a very expressive animated toon in potential builds, LDD just doesn’t cut it for that). Look at all the current photoshopped minifigs in the layouts in the lego catalogs now in various impossible action poses.

        OTOH, LU might be a radioactive property internal to TLG now, given the executive restructuring midway through last year and the huge pile of cash they spent on developing it.

      • I think it would be crazy not to make a LDD that didn’t have a minifig perspective at some point. If that’s the biggest takeaway from the whole experience, TLC should see how amazingly successful that was. If I had to choose between a stripped down recreation of the LU game levels and a working property system where I could share and visit friend’s creations, I’d take the property option in a snap. But really, both please.

        I actually had a dream this morning that LU was re-released this week as a single player console game. All the worlds had the same mesh and structure but there were new characters, missions, hud and content. It seemed like a grudging compromise between the ghost town recreations and the unrealistic reboot of the actual game.

    • A LEGO Universe museum or display gallery at a LEGOLand park would be pretty cool. If such a thing were to exist, some real gems like some of the Pods and some official concept models would probably end up there. Thinking about that, it really makes me wish the Bradford Rant plot line wasn’t abandoned in the actual game. 😦

  4. The multiplayer property option seems the key for the AFOLs, as anything that drives human interaction in the obsession makes it less akin to the proverbial middle aged guy sitting in overalls in the midst of an elaborate model train layout in a basement somewhere in suburbia.

    I get the sense TLC is struggling corporate wise with how to handle or even acknowledge fans, they know exactly how to treat customers (that’s not a slight, they’ve got their whole ITIL style problem resolution thing down).

  5. It seems the ship “Luprechaun” stops by the ports and new passengers board on.
    It is on good sailing!? … Go on, Luprechaun πŸ™‚

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