13 comments on “Faction Leader Mosaic

  1. Yes, I absolutely would love to have that hanging on my wall, it is a masterpiece.
    The quality of every little build in LEGO Universe was phenomenal. Simple little things like vendor stands and musical instruments were designed perfectly. I wonder about the things that the designers made that didn’t get put into the game.

  2. Heh, the dithering gives it a nice 8-bit era splash screen cast to it.

    I wonder what happened to the 2 ton pile of Lego in the playwell offices, as well as the inspirational pieces some of the ex-devs have mentioned on other blogs. Hopefully exiting employees were allowed to grab some of it.

    It’s never enjoyable riding out the end of a business…

  3. I have JUST the wall for it!!
    That is one of the most exquisite mosaics I have ever seen.
    It clearly conveys both the spirit and the substance of LU.
    It is heartbreaking not knowing where it lives now.

  4. Hi, I write for the MosaicBricks blog, and I wrote about this mosaic and told about how I found it on your blog. I just thought I’d let you know. I thought it was a very interesting entry.

  5. Katie, I love your blog! I only skimmed the surface and you really showcase all the different approaches to mosaic! I haven’t dug all around your site but here’s a few that might be new to you:

    Episode I 3D - Movie Poster
    This was a promotional done for Episode 1 in Vancouver

    West Shore Hobby Show Feb. 09: VL logo and John head
    West Shore Hobby Show Feb. 09: VicLUG logo
    These are made by VicLUG member, John Langrish, and it’s our logo and his ‘head’

    Town and Mosaics
    These are made by VicLUG member, Rod Paananen, and the baby is his. I’ll try and find better photos of just those.

    John’s mom, Mary Plumridge, is also a mosaic artist:

    She’s done several others but I don’t know if she has a gallery of her own so it might be hard to track them down.

    There’s also this Lego Universe related one that came across my radar a couple of months ago:

    Anecdotally, for Lego Universe fans, mosaic is a pretty special and loaded term because it conjures images of the Mosaic Jester:

    *edit: here is the Mosaic blog’s address: http://mosaicbricks.blogspot.ca/

  6. Hi again, zipblock. Do you mind if I used your extensive comment and the links involved in a blog post? You linked to some good things, and I’d love to use your commentary about them, too. Thanks! 😉

  7. Katie, please go ahead! I will also ask Mary if she will share some of her wonderful works as well. They really are such a focal point of our displays.

    In that photo I posted above of Mary’s mosaic you can also see 2 QR codes which go to the VicLUG and Brickville sites ( in links sidebar ), made by Steve and Robin respectively. I might be wrong, but Steve is possibly the first afol to make a Lego QR code, I’m happy to be lawyered on that though.

    Steve’s is made using plates and Robin’s is made with tiles, both work smashingly 😀

    If you have any other questions about the links above then don’t hesitate to pester me 🙂

    I really love your blog and recommend readers here check it out. I am most familiar with Mariann’s mosaics and so neat to see the variety of approaches. Your Persian carpet is an affront to the Gods with it’s lyrical perfection, I would be very careful of divine smiting.

  8. Superb, brilliant! I’d make a wall to hang that mosaic on!
    I’m very jealous that I wasn’t involved in such a project.

  9. Hi! Sorry it took so long. I had a big project I was working on, and the blog sort of fell by the wayside. But anyway, here is my post about your suggestions. I hope it is okay… let me know if there are any corrections to make. I’m not really sure how to contact everyone whose work is featured. Would you know how to let them know?



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