12 comments on “Collage by MiniTheFig

  1. We knew our in-game associates by the minifig face they designed and their favorite kicking around outfit, but our own toons, we knew them mostly from their backsides.

  2. So glad you found us here Mini 🙂

    I was having a bit of a bumpy day yesterday and then saw this, really cheered me up 😀 Thanks for posting this, and boy did we ever like to play dressup huh

  3. Wow, this is very creative of you Mini! I’ve been looking for a new desktop background and think i’ve found it. Nice job 🙂

  4. This is wonderful mini the fig ! Yes i loved my last couple of months at Overbuild i met you a few times with WBL i think. i wish i had of gone sooner it was so different from Storm.Trouble was many at Storm did not like the Overbuilders i mean its pathetic and because of that i didn’t build the properties i should of when in reality i had more fun & met more amazing builders & people at Overbuild .I will never ever forget my time at Overbuild when i first met all the great builders i will never forget it.The day i met SamuraiMaster at Storm i fainted at he’s feet outside the Nimbus Rocket pad i caught him & Flambridge talking about me i will never forget it haha, SamuraiMaster was level 10 at Storm haha bless him !

  5. LU Overbuilder White was always lovely to me too . He was always there for me when i was upset too. I just wanted to say he was a great friend to me at Overbuild too 🙂 cya guys and i am still wandering the internet looking for a game too replace Lego Universe so ummm.HELP …thank youz

  6. P.s forgot to say guys … SamuraiMaster at Storm he come and made a figure to see Flams Spooky Build & My Nefertiti Nimbus Isle …. guys i nearly died right to think he made a figure to come see my HOF prop i mean it was all too much ! They were happy times guys the best times.

    But he looked gorgeous did SamuraiMaster in he’s little level 10 figure with he’s blonde spikey anime hair & he’s little blue business suit … haha i will always remember him that way & i will never forget that day & i miss him 😮

    Lastly a big thank you to SamuraiMaster for the unreleased bricks he gave me & all the other bricks he gave me to build my Overbuild Nimbus Isle .. because without him & UnbreakableNinja who paid for my bricks and gave me hundreds of grands my Nimbus Isle would never of been built …cy’all x

  7. And HappyPappy & ZipBlock & Flam who slid me a couple of gems ( on the quiet ) to buy bricks with …:D i better go hehe ! ( well there was a billion slope bricks in my Nimbus Isle ) hehe

  8. Great to hear from you Mini, thanks for the photo collage!
    Like Zip, I got a huge lift from seeing this. Thanks for brightening our days. 🙂
    Glad you found us!

  9. So great to hear from you and see this wonderful collage, Mini!! I miss all of you guys sooooo much!

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