7 comments on “April Fools

  1. That’s funny! Did you see Brickset.com? I knew right away that it was a joke, but so many people are freaking out in the comments. Lol.

    • Yea, I get them in my newsfeed and the factory move to China actually got me for a moment. The comments were ridiculous, totally agree

  2. LDraw’s April Fool’s prank just made me really sad. When it’s actually stuff that is cool or interesting, it really pains me to hear it’s just a prank. But when it’s ridiculous like what Brickset did, I find it amusing.

    • You know, I knew it was AF and everything, but they still got me with the LDraw one and I was reeling thinking about the ramifications of it. I went out actively looking for AF pranks and they still got me, doh.

      With the VL prank, it had the added bonus of completely messing with mobile users. The display was already rotated so the inclination is to rotate your phone or tablet to landscape to get the right orientation, and then it rotates itself another 90 degrees clockwise. You then play a cat and mouse game trying to get the right orientation and it’s totally impossible to input anything into a form field if the display is not straight up. Just delightful 😀

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