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  1. I’m not playing anything sweety ….and i am not playing SWTOR you need a degree in gaming science to play that πŸ˜€ …and their help section is about half as good as Lego Universe which makes me scream …well you can imagine πŸ˜€ …no Zip no more games for me it’s over since Lego Universe ….:)

    • ACK.. you are so right Nerf.. a good friend gave me a free week, and it took me forever to even figure out ho to talk to the NPC! I did manage to make a character.. I am a Jedi Consular. That even took work…lol And even looking on the site for help was a task.
      I hope I manage to make it through the first mission string before my free week is up, cuz I am not buying this game!!

      • Lady i have uninstalled that game . I think Lego Universe spoilt us . It was a small cozy game and SWTOR was too big for me i think .Good luck lady i know jediGuineaPigs is on there soon ..lots of love to you xxx

  2. Also all these rumors going about which says the game will come back in june is upsetting all the gamers . They read something off a LU forum post which a unstable Mythran wrote !!!!!!! and now its my job to put them right and tell them its not coming back as if they are not upset enough …so yeah Lego Universe is still breaking my heart and getting to me and all of us even though its shut !!!!! They are only little and kills me to watch them have false hope after all what Lego did !!!! like i always tell them dollars and profit comes before people ! and their LU friends and friendships they spent a year making….. all to go down the MMO toilet !

  3. I’ve heard the rumours too, it’s disturbing. Spoke directly with a Mythran closing night about it too, I’ve yet to hear anything substantial since.

    Everything I’ve heard about SWTOR customer service has been a nightmare. Stuff like you can’t cancel your account if you’ve been banned? Madness.

  4. I was in the SWTOR beta for a few days.. I just stopped.

    I have not had the heart to play any other games.. I have tried. 2Mak07 plays Minecraft and really wants me to play with him…. but I just can’t embrace it like he and so many others can.

    I think I know now how a kid feels when they are ripped from their neighborhood and all their friends and forced to move to a strange place… and I seem to be grieving more as days go by.

    • That’s a real good analogy. “Now go play over here with these kids” I don’t really want to….

      I think that’s why I’ve gone back to familiar titles this past month, safe harbours. Not quite ready to play any of the Lego TT games yet though, as much as I adore them.

      If I could recommend you one game it would be Aquaria. It’s beautiful on so many levels, the game, the look, the story and characters. It’s a bit challenging in some parts and has healing properties like I have not seen before.


  5. I’ve moved on to Minecraft. Really a good replacement for me. But had LEGO Universe been allowed to grow then Minecraft would have easily been rendered obsolete.

    But since it didn’t, Minecraft is really great. I always wanted to dig tunnels as a kid, and make tree forts. Now I can do both while flying around and battling monsters!

  6. LEGO Universe was the game. After playing it, everything else seems so easy, so boring… SWTOR I was going to get, but my mom won’t allow it and I heard that the service is horrible. Minecraft just doesn’t look intriguing. I looked at “Portal”, but I’m not sure… I mostly play games on my iPhone, but even those are now boring me… I’ve really taken up photography and gotten more serious with my music though. If any of you want to see the pics I’ve been taking, you can get the app “Instagram” then search for “Cellolizard” and follow. That’s me. πŸ˜› Nothing can replace LU, so I just don’t know…

  7. LU was really the only game I had ever played, It was my first MMO πŸ˜› I dont think I will be doing anything else online though, I just dont have the time or the money. Mav and I did get a couple console games for our B-day. so we’ve been playing those. We just finished “The Force Unleashed II” it is a pretty short game and I was a little disapointed, still it was ok. and we are now working on LEGO batman πŸ˜›

    • I’m doing LEGO Star Wars 3, but once you beat it in a week (without all the gold bricks from ground assault missions) it’s pretty boring… Well, I beat it almost completely on one computer and about 3/4 on another. All in 2 weeks on top of my normal schedule. =P

    • My son played Force Unleashed and I was very surprised how short it was. Batman is a hoot πŸ˜€ I’m a fan of all the TT games, though I haven’t played HP2 except for the demo.

      I won’t be doing another mmog either unless it’s Lego.

      • Yeah same here, πŸ˜› and lego starwars III and portal are other games I considered getting. But with the little money I have I would rather spend it on Lego then video games πŸ˜‰ and the only TT games I haven’t played are the HP ones πŸ˜›

      • I am not a fan of the new trilogy at. all. The only good thing that has come out them is wonderful new Lego pieces, good games and awesome reviews that tear them apart. I haven’t watched it all but I do like the Clone Wars cartoon well enough, but I just like good cartoons.

        SW3 is wonderful though, Lego has a way of making you actually liking characters you didn’t even consider before. IG88 is hilarious to me now and JarJar is almost redeemed because he is such a good jumper. Inversely Yoda drives me nuts ( though in SW3 he’s much better ) and I could just shoot C3P0.

      • The Force Unleashed was surprisingly good, though I did eventually get fed up with the Wii controls killing me all the time and had to use the cortosis code so I’d stop dying. But once that was out of the way the rest was a lot of fun!

        Definitely get Minecraft, even if you don’t play much, it’s basically “pay once play forever”. There’s also a lot of great adventure maps to play through if you’re not interested in Survival or Creative. πŸ˜‰

        Oh, and Jar-Jar wasn’t redeemed to me via LEGO Star Wars, he was redeemed to me via Darths and Droids, a hilarious Star Wars screencap comic written by the same guys who did the brick comic “Irregular Webcomic!”.

  8. Well Zip, it’s me Rich. I have been silent for a long time just minding to myself. Nothing has the ability to interest me like LU did. I have been going back and looking at all the games I never played that got rave reviews. So, I just recently beat Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One. I replayed Portal 1 because that game is freakishly awesome. Thus, I have been sticking close to Valve games. I have Portal 2 and HL2: Episode 2 on my Steam account wish list (hint hint people, the name on steam is Ithicus) and will be looking into those games next. MIght try L4D and L4D2 after playing through the demos.

    Basically I look for cheap games that I can play in short time intervals. But, I require an excellent story and fun game play. I use to be a Final Fantasy guy, but I have never owned a PS1, 2 or 3 so, I have not played any of them after FFIX (that was the last once available for the PC).

    I did play the Force Unleashed and enjoyed it, but it was short. There are loads of great games out there. I am prefering single player games, but you can find me playing TF2 every once and a while.

  9. I’ve set up a Minecraft server for me and my sons to play. Not easily to compare it to LU, far more of a sandbox game (you can do much more with the landscape of Minecraft than you could with LU) However, it is missing all the adventure of LU (not to mention the great graphics and storyline.)

    I chose to set up a home server because Minecraft lacks all the parental controls that LU had built in. Additionally, I couldn’t face explaining why someone had deliberately destroyed one of their creations. The problem with this of course is now there is very little or no community on our server, something that LU had in abundance. It usually relies on me to come up with a new creation/contraption to keep it fun – which takes too long versus the benefits.

    I’m still looking for that replacement MMO that we can all play together but I expect that it will be years in the making, at which point my sons will have grown up and be playing more main stream games.

    In the meantime apart from the occasional “adventure” on Minecraft we all play our own games (Wizard 101, Roblox, Skyrim) which is sad 😦

    • That is so boss of you to do that for your kids. It’s not the same but probably really helps the transition.

      I wasn’t playing the game with my kids, they were just not that keen on it, so we are all playing are own games as normal right now.

      I honestly haven’t had a chance to think about playing anything for about 2 weeks, so much going on with our club, but looking forward to some much needed downtime and r&r!

  10. Zip i may try that Aquaria if Miss Rowdy is on it . Maybe i don’t know maybe we could all try a few games see Lego Universe the mini figures were so awesome like i said My Nerf looked so pretty πŸ˜€ and their little lego voices lol .You know you can browse the internet forever Zip but there is nothing like loosing yourself in a good game and i feel like there is a hole in my heart right now so i do need to find a game so i shall watch this post guys> if you get into anything let me know as i so miss you all too thank you.

    Bwolla Bwolla – LOL …in lego talk hehe ( remember how cute it was when we all said our lego lols )

    • Aquaria isn’t multiplayer, just so you know. It is still beyond wonderful πŸ™‚

      Nerf, I plan to keep the porch light on here until there is a suitable alternative to LU that we can flock to

        • fixy, until there is decent replacement for LU I’ll keep posting here. In fact, I’ve been inspired lately to do another floating rock MOC and it would be funny to make this ‘Outpost’ with references to the unreleased Sector 6 level, real life LU creations and gear, and now a lighthouse sounds like a great addition.

          Also, I think it’s funny how this post is still cooking πŸ™‚

      • It’s worth it just for this game ( almost )

        You can have as many matches going as you want, and it’s a win/win, if you or the other person can guess what each other made a drawing of then you get coins.

        Coins can be used for bombs that blow up letters that are not used in the word clue, or to give you a new selection of words to pick from

        A much better use of coins imo is for more colours! Such a fun and creative game, only thing I don’t like so far is people who write out the answer instead of having you guess. One person got a pass on that by writing out a puzzle to figure out πŸ˜‰ So far no nasty drawings which I am pleasantly surprised at, I was sure that there would be plenty heap amounts of salty drawings.

        It’s also turn based, not real time, so you can play at your leisure and do as much or little as you want.

  11. It sounds really fun.. but since I use a prepaid plan that costs me about $100 a YEAR, it probably won’t happen. I have a Razr I like, and I only talk/text on it. If they ever come out with a version that works on a tablet or lappy I might give it a shot.

    2Mak07’s latest rage is Terraria..

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