7 comments on “New Superhero sets on TRU

  1. These look pretty cool (the last one even made me consider getting it), but ultimately, all of my hypothetical money for 2012 is tied up in Ninjago.

    • Flipz, I have to ask, are you buying more Ninjago because of LU?

      This is something I want to write more about soon, how LU shouldn’t have been measured solely on it’s own profits but some intangibles. I know that I actually bought skeletons just because I fell for them on Crux and Nucklehead actually makes me wince.

      • Well, I liked Ninjago from the get-go, but I planned on resisting them because my cash flow was limited. The dragons got me back into Lego after the apocalyptic announcement in November.

        I WAS going to try to ignore this year’s sets, but between the show and the connection to LU I just couldn’t resist. I am now hypothetically over $400 in future debt. 😛

        You know, I should write up an article on the Creation Lab and the community it created. In our case, there’s been a bit of a success–the group I help lead on the Lab managed to convince the team to keep the Lab open at least until the new general-purpose gallery opens, and they’re even considering preserving the Lab as-is and just re-theming it.

        • That would be great if you could, I guarantee lots of LU players have no idea the scope of the Creation Lab. I barely do, went through a few of the contest entries and it was amazing how much was created!

          Those snakey guys are definitely going to wind their way into my collection eventually, and so much amazing new gear. Again, this will be primarily a bricklink venture for me since it’s the figs and not the actual sets I want.

      • I’ll get started on that article. 😉

        Definitely grab several copies of the Venomari Shrine–the 1×2 brick with brickwork detail are beautiful, the trans green grid tiles are great for sci-fi, the lime green snakes are the easiest to integrate into non-Ninjago builds, and Zane’s ZX suit can be disassembled and used for may themes of many eras. (I should also mention that the cool brickwork snake head on top is a printed piece, not a sticker.) A solid set, even if you’re not into the general theme or you don’t like the particular build.

        As for actual Ninjago sets that you’ll want complete, if nothing else grab the Destiny’s Bounty and the Epic Dragon Battle, as they’re BEAUTIFUL sets (I’ve seen the Destiny’s Bounty in person, and GOSH is it pretty. Whoever photographed it for the promo pictures did not capture its beauty, that ship is a work of art once you see it in person).

      • At first I didn’t like ninjago to much, I thought it was a silly way to have a ninja theme, But thanks to LU and the Goofy Tv show I think they have hit a soft spot :O

  2. I’ll also be waiting for Bricklink on these, because it’s the figs, not the sets, that I want. 😀

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