8 comments on “Minifig collector site

  1. Mav and I also feel them out, 😛 with 100% success, we have never had duplicates, unless we wanted more on purpose 😉

  2. Ya, I always prefer the “feel” tactic. I almost never get doubles, unless my little sibs insist on choosing… -.-

  3. I can’t remember what one, but I made a mistake in series 5, so I can’t claim 100% anymore 🙂 Otherwise I’m pretty spot on. What I tend to do is target a fig and scan the box quickly just for that, and you can often rule out half of the packages just by the volume of the bag that way. For example, if I’m looking for Lady Liberty then there are only a couple of figs that take up the same amount of space as her.

  4. I second that about fondling the packaging to figure out what minifig it is. Works well, just takes several minutes of standing like a complete nerd crinkling packaging to get in the zone.

    Eventually Lego is going to put paper inserts in on both sides of the foil pack, which will end that.

    The biggest issue retail wise, there seem to be some dedicated hoarders, it’s rare to get a first swipe at a box of these figs, encountering a picked over box, _all_ of a particular figure will be gone.

    It’s been mentioned the bump codes differ for each region.

  5. How’s this: I was a bookstore, being a nerd and crinkling packages for about 10 minutes, and a couple of parents came up to me asked how I was making out. I half smiled sideways and said… fine… still looking for the clockwork robot…..

    They told me they see me all the time looking for minifigs and that I should head to TRU, there were a couple of new boxes put out. They smiled and left, leaving me feeling a bit bewildered but at least not feeling like an absolute freak.

    There are hoarders in our own club! Though we do help each other out a lot, one of us might buy a whole case and then we will buy from that guy. I did that for #3 and every series now someone seems to pick up the ball.

    What works for me is that I don’t target the obvious hoardables, like the Spartans or Romans. No, give me cheerleaders because I would like a thousand pom poms. Makes for a good smurf berry tree! http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5140/5440232381_0dfbae6124_b.jpg

  6. Lol, Well luckily I haven’t incountered any hoarders here, Normally by the time we hit the toy store there is plenty to go around, Mav and I dont have much money anyways so we dont normally spend tons on extra figs, We do buy the extra few when they are to awesome to pass down though -cough…Hazmat guy..cough- and Mav and I normally spend Up to half an hour feeling packages in the store to get the figs…which can be a bit awkward considering its right next to checkout counter 😛

  7. What do you think of the VIP exclusive re-release of five of the Series 3 minifigs they will be releasing in June or July? The minifigs included (I think) are:
    Elf, Gorilla Suit Guy, Mummy, Fisherman, and Space Villain. Each one is supposed to have some “exclusive” re-colored parts. I know I’ll pick up a set or two, just for the extra Elves (I really missed out on them, but got plenty of all the rest.)

    • from the pics there doesn’t seem to be much colour variants to really get excited about.

      I can’t even tell if there’s a difference with the elf, though are these final or just a demo promo? You can never have enough elves.

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