6 comments on “Gottacon Pics

  1. Looks like it was a blast! I am very curious as to what the rules are O.o with dimensional rifts and what not, it sounds like a very interesting game 😛 and A working LEGO QR code! thats pretty sweet! Im looking forward to hearing more about it 😉

    • The rift was an inspired move by Rod, one of the main GM’s for the game. In the last 15-30 min of the game we start winding it up when end of days destruction of various sorts and we already had a small dimensional rift in play.

      The game evolves each time we play it and is totally different depending on who plays. VicWars is loosely based on BrikWars but heavily boiled down. We took a sidebar footnote in the rule book called ‘What I Say Goes’ and made it one of our foundations. If there is any question as to what happens then all players roll off and the person with the highest roll says what happens. We do this *a lot* during a game, maybe 20 times, and each player gets a turn to dictate the course of events and be an arbiter of justice or dismay.

      So the rift started with this player who kept rolling 6 during a wisg roll off. He rolled it 3 times and won the wisg. There had to be consequences of rolling triple 6’s so we did a wisg for that, and the same player rolled a 6 again. We had no choice but to open a rift on his troop and he rolled to see how many of his Sponge Bobs were sucked into it ( 2 ), who eventually showed up an hour later at a wishing well. One of his Sponge Bobs perished in the river and soaked up all the water by end game. We made a large brick built sponge bob out of our kid build, and this prompted the rift to take over the river.

      I rolled a d6 to figure out how wide the diameter of influence the rift had and everything within range was pulled in. Rod made the wishing well another rift that connected to the river and pretty much the board got sucked into that mess.

  2. Yeah awesome Zip we don’t have anything like that in England …..i will join the FB site ….:) my friend Gatos made a little mini figure of Nerf … its a little bat lord girl its so cute ..i just want to eat it lol …. i miss my bricks and chips Zip hehe !

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