10 comments on “Horse

  1. Mak and I loved our horses.. in the last moments of the Universe, I had us dancing with our horses necks seemingly entwined… I posture we often took when AFK.. It seemed a good way to spend infinity. Mak loved to make his horse dance, or fly.

  2. Yes the players were just so happy when they got horses . Also i still can’t believe they gave the players Jet Packs, i never thought they would …so good for them …but then some of them they wanted something else, i remember at Nexus once poor SamuraiMaster they had just got their Jet Packs and then they were asking him for Sun Head Dress’s and he flew away on Jet pack and left Nerf to scream at them haha ! i’m sorry guys you know how neurotic i was ….poor Master πŸ™‚

  3. Had the exact same reaction to a white horse I came accross digging for pieces for one of my kids’ school projects. White horse popped out of a minifig accessories bin, then what was in game an iron barbute, then finally a blue trimmed dragon shield (the green dragon with yellow and red trim was the shield of blocking, same model for the shield of armor, the 10 minute solo reward for AG survival). Just had to stop and take a long, bemused look at those.

    Saddened that some of the in game accessories and minifig face combos are unavailable in real plastic.

    I wonder if the game animation for the trot and rearing of the horse came before or after the lord of rings lego horse prototype.

    • And yes, once you see the horse animated with minifig, this barely poseable hunk of plastic it was modeled on becomes pathetic.

      In game, for a few weeks, horses were magical.

      • I understand what you mean but I look at it a bit different. The basic horse was already so ‘pathetic’ and now it’s imbued with some odd properties far beyond it’s physical self. It’s kind of delightful this basic and ubiquitous piece has become so odd and broken.

        I found it constantly amazing how all the animals in the game, frogs, cats, rats, owls, parrots, etc all had so much life and range of motion. The horse was a pure revelation when it first showed up, how fluid it was.

        I’m not sure about your question re: LOTR, but they were experimenting with this exact play feature with the bear last year. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was on the workbench for some time before we saw it in sets.

      • The animations for all the creatures in game were pretty amazing, as were most of the environmental sounds they were the source of (the parrots always cracked me up, especially when the figure they were on was idle). The animation for the horse was perfect, in that it was both essence of horse (eww?) and “I’m a plastic toy”.

        The LOTR’s comment has to do with the pose for the new horse (front legs mid trot) and the ability to pose it reared up, look pretty much identical to snapshots of the game animations. The horses may have been buggy, but they weren’t that far from finished in-game form, the animator had to have been working on it for a while and kicking examples of it back and forth with other devs/designers. Perhaps I’m just confusing that with there being a limited number of authentic looking poses you can injection mold a plastic toy horse into.

        The horse pictured above does beat our first minifig scale horses in some regards

        http://www.peeron.com/scans/6000-1/76 (lower half of page)

        P.S. Also, add the paramedic shield to the list of health power ups that worked with the magic OoB horse. Pretty shield, but never really had a minifig outfit for it.

      • Right! I am figuring out various oob gear and will add the shield to the list.

        That horse you posted, the ears are interesting. Fans call that technique ‘pony ear’ in respect to that actual model, where you fit a plate perpendicular in between rows of studs. I don’t know whether it was an intentional, initial design element or just a happy accident, but it’s considered an illegal build technique by model builders since it puts undue stress on the parts or something. It’s still an effective snot method when you are presented with a limited palette. πŸ™‚

  4. We loved our horses too. We (my sons and I) had fun racing up and down the “beach” at AG Survival OOB. I even jumped off my horse, put on my super fast STIG helmet, and played tag with them on horse back (great fun when we were all sitting in the same room giggling away.)

    I have also been nostalgic with the “inflexible” real plastic ones. I’m still digging through my collection to spot items that appeared in the game. Having found the Bat Lord shield (and bat for the staff) has set me on a mission to try and buy the shirt and helm to complete the kit.

    • I think AG survival Oob was possibly the most surperior in the game. It was a certain vintage of game map, well before Spider Queen and before the developers made the ground all mushy. Everything was solid, even the water!

      Dos, I’m going to be doing the same thing, making up LU figs, gear and other stuff out of real bricks. We have a show coming up in a couple of weeks and I really want to make an Oob crew, one of the guys will be on a horse for sure πŸ˜‰

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