3 comments on “Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft

  1. You know sweety all of my friends are on here MineCraft. Thing is with LU our lego mini figures us girl players could look pretty with our lovely hair and sparkle and wedding dress tops and boogie on down trousers … On MineCraft they are like square figures and the new block game … that’s what was so awesome about Lego Universe the actual figures we had . I am getting pressure off all my friends to go on MineCraft and i don’t want too . At least on SWTOR i can look sweet …. i can do my make up and hair and look pretty ….you know what us girlies are like . But the other game Brick-Force a lot of Lu players are going on ….but i can’t be building with blocks sweety ….i need real bricks thousands of them …or i just sob tears everywhere ….like im doing now :O

  2. To tell you the truth i can’t cope …i can’t even talk about what i have lost … i miss logging on in the mornings seeing Pappy and NinjaGuineaPig …and doing BoNs with them ….its breaking my heart and it always will xxxx

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