5 comments on “Recreation Projects

  1. Even if they do succeed with making a playable game: Will they be able to do properties? Even in LU they had problems…

  2. I can’t imagine they will. Build was it’s own separate and very complex beast. It was also the main draw for a lot of players. I was reading on the Legend Team blog that they are going to populate the properties with some classic ones on each, but it will be static models from what I gather.

  3. For me the greatest thing about LU was the properties. It wasn’t when I first started playing. I went to a few in Block Yard and Avant Grove, they were the top rated ones and were rep farmed out of the stratosphere. Those props were generally pretty meh and I had so much game content to look at still that I just moved on. It wasn’t until I was done the majority of the game that I revisited properties and that became the game for me.

    I understand that the build tools and properties would be wildly difficult to emulate, it’s so amazing that it was in place as stable as it was in the game. I would check out these recreations but if there’s not properites to build on then there is nothing holding me there.

  4. It was the same thing for me Zip, It wasn’t until after I had completed most of the missions that I really got into the properties. And they were one of the main reasons I played.

    I agree with your entire comment. Unless there are properties (that work), there is really no reason for me to play any of these LU recreations.

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