6 comments on “Dreams

  1. I find these dreams quite interesting.

    I wouldn’t say I have had dreams of such, but after long days of playing LEGO Universe I would often lay in bed, before falling asleep seeing vivid images in my head. It is quite odd when you think of it, I could picture almost exactly, everything I saw that day. Pretty neat.

  2. Every Night i would dream of building and bricks . I think when you are building a property you do . Building a property is part of you it comes from within … its like a extention of yourself … I used to love my brick dreams … i did guys … yeah it was me who built ” Tournament of Champions ” …in my dreams 😛 …don’t tell Master Of The Samurai ..but its true hehe !

    • It was that property that inspired me to build my nimbus isle, i mean by making it a landscape property with the rocks SamuraiMaster used around it . I think using rocks and placing the main feature at the side makes a property very effective this is why i put my gingerbread house on the right side of my isle and the rocks floating at the back i took my children there many times to he’s Nimbus Isle … i still have a folder of all the great properties on my desk top.I will never forget the first time i see it it didn’t look real …it made its mark on me Tournament of Champions after seeing that i pushed myself so hard to try and build something special … yeah Nerf will always fall at MasterSamurai’s feet …haha i cant help it he be so awesome ! ( don’t tell him i said 😛 you know what he’s like hehe )

  3. Yes.. I have dreams of LU. I had them often when the game was a daily part of my life.. it would follow me to sleep. I guess it was because I played till dawn. I remember clearly seeing how to make a jump I had been having issues with in a dream before actually “getting” it.
    The dreams have changed in the past week.. they have an almost melancholy quality… I just woke up from wisp telling me to stay safe.
    Last night I flew in my dreams around some of my favorite places… but it seemed that I was flying higher, because the view was not as clear. It’s 5:30, and I have woken up after just a few hours sleep. this has happened a lot this past week. I too am getting crabby.

    I think my dreams are my way of spending more time in a place I had to leave too soon…

  4. Rowdy, you captured the mood of dreams of late so well. Odd how something so colourful can be dreary. This cold is not helping the sitch though.

    I don’t quite remember this from last night but I was in a hidden Mythran level where everything was glowy blue. It was familiar enough shaped trees, think the Dr. Suess type trees you’d find on properties, but with an almost painful glow and speckled in blue.

    I remember rumours going around for awhile about players saying there was secret Mythran hideouts and I had somehow oob’d my way into it. They were not hostile to my presence but it was really apparent there was no where for a mere mortal to hide.

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