8 comments on “Two Years of LEGO Universe News

  1. This is exactly what I’d like the Lego company to learn from what happened, is that so many people (re)discovered a joy for bricks *through* this game. People met and were able to express and socialize within the game.

    Thanks so much for sharing this very unique experience! You had a really neat journey with the game and you really helped create the community.

  2. I have to say I shed a tear or two when I read this article. LEGO came a long way from the club days and MLN. (yeah I remember Supersoradude from MLN).
    The way LU brought us all together, and the new dimension of brick building are things none of us will ever forget.
    Many of us have enjoyed your blog, and hope it will continue.
    Thanks for a well written and from the heart article.

  3. Yes i will never forget Lego Universe,…i used to go in my property with my head phones on music blasting …and go to a truly magical creative place and loose myself . Also the people i met and when i moved to Overbuild i met some truly great people and the WBL was always there for me encouraging me to build especially SamuraiMaster, i would of never of built my Nimbus isle there and getting top property at Overbuild with all them amazing builders was truly a lego dream for me ….I never dreamed that would happen ! A great blog well done !

    • Sorry guys i just want to mention HappyPappy and Zipblock,who held me together in the last days of Lego Universe they both knew how upset i was, yes Lego universe was very lucky to have both of them they truly was….. thank you guys for being there for Nerf when i was in pieces every day … i will love you both until the Nexus Clouds fall from the sky 🙂

  4. edit: This post has been disemvoweled. It’s not that I disagree with the post, rather I don’t want this site to be a soapbox for grievances and lobbing insults. This could be a very interesting discussion over TLC policies regarding trademarks and 3rd party sites but not if it’s all embittered it makes you. LU fans are quite prone to feeling burnt by the company and there is many places online where you can express your feelings in full. I’d rather this be a place where we can move forward and learn, acknowledge the mistakes and celebrate the good times.

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