3 comments on “Jetpacks flitting about

  1. It was very lets say, interesting watching them learn how to fly and control the jetpacks 🙂

  2. What amazed me was how something so major to gameplay became taken for granted within what seemed to be hours. Minutes in some cases =P. And then people wanting more. and more.
    It seemed there were never enough surprises for some of the players…
    The wonders the jetpack unlocked for us were so mind blowing, it should have been a moment gone down in history.
    I can still close my eyes and see myself gliding above the sky I used to sit and dream about in the area of the ruined Ninjago monastery.
    I think I’ll go there now…..

  3. Was there anything more coveted than a jetpack? It was interesting how quickly it became accepted as normal. I’m not sure about you guys but I gave out a dozen or more of them and in the last couple of days I couldn’t find anyone to give one to. On the last day I did a double take as I was deleting them to make room for the incoming loot in the mailbox. Deleting jetpacks. So messed.

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