8 comments on “Legend Team

  1. Wow! I didn’t even think the team was getting noticed by important people… 😛

    Anyway, progress is great! We’ve almost got it all done! Wish us luck! 😀


  2. “Kelvin….who I found to be a gentleman and a scholar.”

    Well, apparently, you haven’t met Kelvin. 😛 He’s smart, but sot too nice to some people…

  3. Well, unfortunately, this last week The Legend Team closed down… We had a whole bunch of work, but unfortunately, not a lot of time and we all needed to move on with life. 😦

      • We will just keep it. The test game builds will be uploaded, the concept art will be uploaded, and for the models, Zaxzax12 and I will just take what we made and use them in whatever we want… The code… I do not know. It’s according to what Stopsecret wants to do.

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