4 comments on “Screenshots from the last night

  1. My favorite is the instance with the snow monsters (second from the last screen) which shows some player, I believe TofuZombie, saying “So long and thanks for all the bricks!”

    HHGttG quotes FTW.

    • Oh, also, I’m going to guess the third screenshot “any guess where this is” one is you flying into one of the mid-air “imagination comet explosion things” in Crux Prime. Wherever it is, it looks pretty awesome!

  2. @SamuraiMaster. The third screenshot is from Oob of the venture explorer, and the explosion thing is the maelstrom vortex. You can tell it’s VE because of the ship in the background (of course, the words “return to the venture explorer” in the top right corner help too!) 😉

  3. @Mav: I noticed that after I posted it, the clue in the minimap 😉

    It was totally beautiful out there and I took a video coming back in, I’ll post that soon.

    @Sam: ya TofuMaster wins for that one huh

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