One comment on “Nexus Tower

  1. You can check out Aaronwk’s Nexus Tower in the download section on his blog:

    Caution: it’s kind of unsettling. I felt like a ghost, you are this amorphous blob that doesn’t have strict controls of movement or camera, and like Aaron said, their are no textures so the environment is spookily familiar yet hauntingly empty of life, colour and activity.

    This is in no way to disparage Aaron’s work, it actually really wigged me out and had to express that. To even access the resources to compile the Tower is involved and I can imagine that it was very tricky to get all this working. I really admire this kind of ingenuity and resourcefulness of fans like Legend Team or Kelvin.

    What TLC should take from this is that not only fans are not ready to give up this game, but some fans are ready for more than just properties. Give them tools to really create and they’ll be surprised what they’ll come up with.

    Thanks Aaron for posting this and looking forward to more goodies from you 😀

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