4 comments on “Last 5 minutes of LEGO Universe -My point of view

  1. Ouch. Thank you for posting that White. I was thinking about recording the last few minutes but knew that I might get bad lag from it so took screen shots instead, so actually really appreciate this. I shaved it pretty quick huh? So funny to see the camera shot at the end like that. Here’s the link to your camera pic: http://i.imgur.com/f3gMB.jpg and it’s different than the one that Sam sent earlier, so the links *are* specific to your pov. In theory… everyone in that instance ( in visual range? ) has their own picture taken of this…?

  2. Yup! That’s exactly how it works. When I snap a pic, everyone in the radius get their own personal view. I have to say, the flash they currently have on it is insanely bright. From White’s PoV, it basically glared out anybody I was wanting to capture. 😛

    White, I’m so happy to see this video. I honestly can’t watch it without feeling a little choked up. Thank you so much for sharing it, because I didn’t think anyone got the last goodbye from our instance!

  3. Thanks for posting this White! I was kinda sad that I didn’t get a video.

    Btw, I thought I had a long password! Lol!

  4. @MaverickDengo @Zip @ Samurai: No problem, my pleasure posting this video. I have more when we were messing around on the property so technically i’ve got the last 45 minutes.

    @MaverickDengo: Yeah! I’ve got to keep that secured, ya’ know?

    @Zip: Thanks for the link to my photo!

    @Samurai you are lucky that it didn’t cause you to crash. I thought it was me who took the picture but then wondered, how in the heck could I click the camera when my mouse is on the other side of the screen. So i immediately thought I was going to be crashing lol.

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