5 comments on “Final Photo

  1. Samurai briefly talked about the camera item after the game closed up. The picture is rendered on the server side, I suspect the bad quality is from the software scene rendering trying to cope with the huge number of shaders, alpha blending, and floating point madness of the game engine instead of letting a video card GPU handle it.

  2. The camera is definitely “proof of concept” stage, at best. It’s the same old story as with most “let’s see it work before we invest time” development, I’m sure. “Oh, do that? Well, just grab any old crappy ‘polaroid’ texture you can find online and apply that as an alpha. Good resolution? Bah. Go with minimum until we see that the system works.”

    I suspect they would have ultimately had to limit it to people in your group or friends because, man, being able to affect -every-single-person- in the camera raiders like this (it would freeze every player for upwards of five seconds, displaying a polaroid from their personal vantage point) would have been so absolutely annoying.

    Can you imagine if they handed this out? Hehe. We would have never seen a second of the game with all the “picture freezes” constantly going on.

    I have to say, kudos to the dev team for even making this. For LEGO Universe, it’s a pretty forward-thinking item.

  3. @Yak: That is a great explanation for the wildly bad resolution. I really like it though, it’s as if someone crumpled up the internet.

    @Sam: That was a good decision on his part to give that out in the last 15 minutes, you’re right it would have been a mess. What a neat idea, I don’t know if this is other games. I always liked games that used photography: Pokemon Snap, Sly Cooper, Infamous ( both SuckerPunch! ) but that was all local of course. It’s a neat idea and fairly well implemented for something only half working.

    • @Zip: He didn’t give it out to everyone, only you, Sam, Mini, and me.

      IMO: I think it would have been a great time saving item instead of taking the shot, saving it, and then uploading it. You could do it all in one click. I think in time it would have made it in-game. They would have found a way to take the bugs out of it, maybe it would have even been a macro such as
      “/take pic”. Who knows, nonetheless a nice little surprise.


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